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The Tot makes it simple to discover safe, quality products for families at every life stage. We create the best content and hand-pick products that pass our high safety standards and are designed to last. We will always be transparent in where our products are sourced and the materials that are used.

We don’t compromise and neither should you.

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Introducing The Tot Test

Not all products are made equal. Materials and chemical ingredients are mostly untested, largely unregulated and labels can be misleading.

Companies continue to mass produce using harmful materials that are cheaper to source and more readily available. These carry a toxic burden that will wreak havoc on our bodies. Children are particularly susceptible.

This is why we created The Tot Test.

Researched. Tested. Loved.

You can trust that all materials and ingredients in our products are safe for you and your family.
We’ve done the work so you can provide the best for the ones you love.

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We've built a tightly curated selection from over 200 vendors, ranging from small family run businesses to trusted established brands. We seek out high quality, safe and practical products that are important to growing families.

We partner with purpose-led companies that are making an impact on our lives, our health and the environment. They are transparent in the materials they use and the manufacturing process they follow.

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We analyze hundreds of materials and ingredients across every category and independently review each product before you will see it on our site.

To ensure transparency for our customers, we feature the test results on every product page.

Materials and ingredients that do not pass The Tot Test are ever evolving as we keep up-to-date with the latest research. To view our full list of materials and ingredients we avoid by category click here.

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Once we love a product, we want to share it with you. We want you to know the story behind it, the people that make it and how it can positively impact your life.

We work with our experts to write content that is educational, practical and engaging. But it doesn't stop there - we want to listen and create a two-way conversation on how we can help you on your parenting journey.

Nasiba’s story

When I became pregnant with my first child I started being more mindful of the products I used in my home and on myself. I was shocked to discover that most labels didn’t tell the full story. Many products, even from trusted brands contain harmful chemicals. I didn’t want to start shopping for my new baby until I had done the research on exactly what each product contained and whether it was truly safe.

With so much information available, it was hard to know who to trust.

With a team of like minded mothers, I started The Tot as a resource for parents who are passionate about natural parenting and non-toxic living.

The Tot is a community where you can learn, shop, interact and trust that we will always be honest and transparent. We’ve built relationships with brands to provide the best products and hand-picked experts to provide advice - all in one place.